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JavaScript Crypto Library

Traditionally, cryptography applications are written in fast and efficient mid to low-level languages such as Java or C/C++ respectively, but C/C++ comes with the cost of reduced portability between different types of system, and Java requires a Java Machine to be pre-installed on the client's machine. When presented with an operating system that is locked down, such as can be found on PCs in most public caf├ęs, installing applications for working with encrypted data can become difficult.

Writing a cryptographic application for handling a variety of different algorithms in Javascript (a client-side scripting language) would result in a highly portable web-based (and downloadable) application. Correctly packaged, this application could be used off-line, and on a wide variety of devices.

This website is all about JavaScript Cryptography. There is a downloads section where you can download a packaged version of this site for use on a portable device, or you can connect to this page with your mobile. This site is entirely processed by the web browser you are running, there is no server-side processing of your data, which means nothing you enter into any of the fields thoughout this website is ever sent to the server. This ensures the highest level of security of your data.

This web site has been developed to be as compatible as possible with all devices and browsers - all pages meet XHTML and CSS validation checks, and the JavaScript content has been tested on mobile devices and several brands of browser.

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There are two different packages you can download - one has images, one doesn't. The downloads contain all pages within this website, except for the download pages. They come in a variety of formats - tar.gz, tar.bz2, and zip.

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This cryptography resource is intended for users and developers - the JavaScript used within this application is not obfuscated in any way, and the file structure is completely open - allowing you to view all of the files on this site. No index files have been generated explicitly for this purpose.
For security reasons, SHA-1 and MD5 checksums have been generated for all files on the site, although this won't necessarily detect a man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack. These checksums can be viewed from each page, or from each files index.

The bash scripts for generating some of the pages used throughout this site have also been uploaded for your amusement. They are located within the base directory.

This application has been developed for compatibility with Internet Explorer 6, Firefox 3.0, and Blazer 4.3 for Palm OS. This website contains images which aren't essential to the use of this website - disable loading of images to lower bandwidth and increase download speed.

Dislcaimer: The contents of this site is not endorsed by the University of Huddersfield. The content herein is released under a variety of licensing terms, and unless stated otherwise, all content is protected by the GNU General Public License. Images were obtained from various open-source software packages installed with the Ubuntu operating system.

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